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Solar energy can reduce your electricity consumption by between 30% and 60%(Depending on your hot water usage.)

捕鱼大作战Your geyser is the largest consumer of electricity in your home. It accounts for up to 60% of your electricity bill. And when you consider that electricity tariffs have increased dramatically over the past years and will continue to do so in the future, we are faced with a growing need to reduce our electricity consumption – and costs!

All over the globe, governments, organisations and individuals are seeking alternative energy sources as we all attempt to reduce our impact on the planet. Solar power is definitely one of the energy sources of the future. It makes perfect sense for you to buy tomorrow’s energy at today’s prices.

Capturing Solar Energy for Hot Water

There are two main types of solar collectors: Flat Panels and Evacuated Tube systems.

Flat Panels

The basic principle of flat panel collectors consists of a set of pipes attached to a substrate which is coated with an absorptive material. The entire collector is covered with a sheet of glass (or a similar light, see through material). The insulation of a flat plat collector is limited to insulation on the back of the collector only. This makes the flat plate collector susceptible to weather conditions such as wind and cold weather. Flat panels can be connected in either a direct or indirect configuration and are suitable for both actively pumped systems and thermosyphon systems.

Evacutated Tube System

High pressure Evacuated Tube collectors consists of two main components: The Manifold and the Evacuated Tubes. The Manifold consists of a heat exchanger to transfer the heat between the heat-pipes of the evacuated tube and the water (which is circulated back to the geyser either directly or via another heat exchanger). The heat exchanger in the Manifold is highly insulated.

The Evacuated Tubes are manufactured from high quality borosilica glass. The tubes consist of two concentric glass tubes of which the inner tube is coated with an absorptive coating. The space between the two tubes is evacuated. This vacuum is as close to the perfect insulator as possible. The evacuated tube generates its heat by letting solar radiation through the outer tube and creating heat on the absorptive coating . This heat cannot escape through the vacuum, hence it can only go into the inside of the inner tube. Inside the inner tube, the heat is transported out of the tube into the Manifold via a heat pipe.
Evacuated Tube systems can be used in a direct or indirect configuration and are suitable for both actively pumped systems and thermosyphon systems.
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